Job-a-matic Features & Benefits


Fully hosted, nothing to install.

Totally Customizable! Custom domain names, headers and footers, colors, and categories give your users a seamless experience. If you have a blog site, we can give you the domain name Once you have a domain name that looks just like your blog, you'll probably want it to share the same look and feel. No problem: Job-a-matic allows you to insert your own graphics and HTML to make the Job-a-matic header and footer match your blog. Spiffy, no? And of course we can also take your blog's color scheme and pretty up your job board in those exact same hues. Custom job categories will help you look relevant to your chosen area, since will doubtless need different occupation categories than

You know, if you don't look good, we don't look good...

Backfill! Simply Hired can populate your jobs section with listings from our gi-normous database, so your job board never has to look like a ghost town. We first try to find relevant sponsored listings, and if there are none, we will open up our big ol' box of jobs. And yes, you will get paid for clicks on sponsored back-fill listings.

We Do the Dirty Work! Simply Hired handles all credit card and payment processing. Email receipts? That's all us. Reminders? Ditto. No security worries, no handling the moolah - except when we send you a check. Not bad, right?

You're Not a Customer Service Professional... And you don't have to be. Simply Hired has your back with a responsive customer service team to handle emails from the peanut gallery. Plus we have a big old pile of helpful literature like FAQ and Learn More pages. Give us your tired, your technically challenged, your huddled masses yearning to... well, you get the picture. We'll deal with it.

We track the details... And give you a handy dashboard so you can monitor the performance of your job board. See how many job listings you have, who's posting them, when they're expiring and how much money you've earned.

But Wait, There's More. You also get... Our handy job board promoting WIDGETS! Drop these handy-dandy little boxes on your blog's sidebar and they'll advertise jobs in your job board (not to mention the fact that you have a job board). We have special widgets for easy 1-click installation into Blogger, Typepad and Wordpress powered blogs. And, if you use feedburner's FeedFlare product on your blog, you can add a "flare" that links to your job board, and advertises the number of new posts. We also provide some sexy little code snippets that insert simple text links or button graphics onto your main website, promoting and linking to your job board.

Visibility! Did you know that sites like LinkedIn and Facebook use our job search engine to power their jobs sections? It's true! And when an employer posts to a Job-a-matic-powered job board, it automatically ends up in our database of 5 million jobs. Long story short, when you use Job-a-matic it drives traffic to your site.

Instant Gratification! Job-a-matic is up and running in less time than it takes you to make a latte.

And it's free, Yes, free!