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Customize and White Label your Board

Your domain, your look and feel... our job board mojo. What could be better?

Customized Job Listing

You can customize your job board to match your current site, making the job listing experience seamless.

Job Details Page

Here's what your users will see when they click on one of your handy job listings.

Show your stripes! Or whatever.

Select a color theme that suits your site.

Classify Your Classifieds!

Full-time? Part-time? Sales? Database admins? Event planners? Customize your job listing categories here.

It's All You...

Your address bar can have a custom domain name.

We Help you Get Started

If you haven't sold as many listings as you'd like, let us give you a leg up with job listings from our Simply Huge database. Some back-fill jobs even generate revenue on a pay-per-click basis.

If you Build a Widget, They Will Come...

Promote your job site with our nifty, customizable job widget. Just the thing for your site's side bar!

Don't sweat the Details... We'll do that for you.

The Job-a-matic Dashboard makes tracking business metrics a breeze. You can thank us later.

This Is All About You...

Simply Hired is a silent partner in your job board enterprise. Employers only see your brand.

Easy-breezy Posting.

The job posting process is so easy your users won't miss a step.

White-label FAQ

Customer support couldn't be easier with the help of the product FAQ.